Drone inspections and surveys of difficult-to-access infrastructure and pipelines provide a more safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective inspection method, reducing risk while allowing operations to continue as normal.

Using drones for structure & building inspections is cost effective and much safer than alternative options, as nobody needs to access hard to reach locations at elevated heights. We have partnered with the worlds leading drone software companies, providing autonomous flight control, multi site mapping. We have inspected and modelled over 1000 utility sites since 2018.

There are a wide range of areas where a drone is the most effective inspection option, for example:

Inspections for cell towers, oil and gas infrastructure, solar farms, wind farms, power lines and more. Our drones can navigate very closed structures at elevated heights, allowing them to safely capture minute details. Our drones can capture high-resolution pictures and video that clearly shows cracks, damage, missing cables, and other problems at elevations and perspectives that humans cannot reach. This facilitates the collection of more extensive data without exposing the inspection crew to danger.

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  • Telecoms Site Asset mapping
  • Inspection Survey
  • Annotated Inspection Reports
  • Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Building and Structural
  • Road and Rail survey
  • Insurance and Compliance

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